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Hi! I’m Marina.

Think of me as that one friend you can always count on for outfit advice.

While I graduated with a Bachelor in Science, my heart has truly always belonged to fashion. Before even completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, I decided to get ahead of the game by taking on the makeup artistry course at Sheridan College. By 2012, I had finished both my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Economics, as well as the Make-Up Techniques certificate from Sheridan College. With an itch to learn even more about the industry, I immediately enrolled in the Fashion Styling and Coordination program at Ryerson, which I finished in 2015.

Set on making my dreams come true, I decided it was time to make my mark in the fashion industry doing what I do best – styling.

A little more about Marina…

Being born into a Pakistani family of long-standing Eastern tradition while also having grown up in the Western setting of Toronto, my style emulates what can only be described as the best of both worlds. With four brothers, you’d think I would have become more of a tomboy, but the reality couldn’t be more contrary. As a little girl, I always found myself wading through mother’s jewelry trunk, playing dress up and naming my new favourite pieces. Growing up, I not only scoured the pages of Vogue but also those of Vogue India, developing a fetish for anything from Chanel to Sabyasachi.

With this brand new chapter in my life, I hope to introduce you to much more than just those five standard stores at the mall and give you an insight to the latest in beauty. Allow me to help revolutionize your style, without losing sight of that unique spark that makes you you!



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