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written by Marina July 18, 2017

Some people are born extroverts and some introverts. My mom always tells me, I was a child who made friends very easily with strangers, yet, as I’ve grown up, I chose to be one to keep a very selected group of friends close to me. Unknowingly, something comes to you naturally and there are lessons you learn along the way. I definitely had a hard time working on a few of things below to boost my confidence in situations I am not so familiar. I hope these little tips help you. 

  1. Look the part! I was taught this lesson during my Image Consulting classes; you want the job, look like you own it! A big percentage of your first impression is by what you are wearing and how you are wearing it; hence, it’s very important to work on how you look. Yes, we do live in a materialistic world where your clothing matters as much as we would like to believe the other way around. From nowhere am I implying that you have to be in designer wear to look extraordinary, any brand can make you look polished if you know how to carry it off. 
    1. Understand your body structure. There is always trial and error before we learn what suits us. Taking out the time to understand what looks good on you can make shopping a lot easier and less time consuming. 
    2. Learn what color suits you; the piece of garment should never be wearing you, you should be wearing it. By this I mean to say, the color you wear should never overly empower who you are. For this you could always keep a track on when you get complimented the most, or what color are you always excited to wear? Nonetheless, for all those who like getting into the nitty gritty, you can get your color theory done by a professional for your skin tone. 
  1. Make eye contact. Being a good listener is a sign of confidence. Yes, we may believe the other way around, but if you think about it, some of those who talk non-stop are generally the ones who are going on about themselves because that’s the easier way to carry on a conversation. I find this the most challenging as its really hard to look at the person directly as they speak; however, while you listen to them deeply, find the positivity in that individual, because your positive energy will make them think the same about you. 
  2. Keep a straight posture. Those who sit up straight have worked on maintaining or enhancing themselves. It shows, one is confidence in their own skin. 
  3. Be yourself! Don’t try to be some other person, people relate to those with flaws. People are drawn to those who are themselves; however, this is implied for the best version of yourself. If you are going to portray that you are one prefect creature, it intimates another person hence, somewhere along the way, they may loose confidence in you. 
  4. Compliment others! It’s easier to receive a compliment, but stopping to tell someone how much you like what they’re wearing or how they look today, is difficult. It shows you can appreciate another’s beauty while keeping the confidence in yourself high. 

Saree by Seher Tareen 

Seher is a Lahore based designer; her designs are all fusion, catering to my style perfectly. Her team is easy to deal with and they are always willing to make customized changes to your outfit.

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No better outfit than a saree with pants to talk about confidence! 

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