written by Marina June 16, 2017

Today, I’m deciding to touch a very different topic on the blog. Since I spent the last few days with my best-friends from high school, I got a little time to think about ways to stay positive in our life. These friends of mine are from the time I had moved to Pakistan during high-school; soon those fun, crazy days ended and we all headed out for university in different countries. And after years, the three of us got the chance to spend time together like our teenage years. We talked about life changes, endlessly made fun of each other,  yelled at each other and at the end hugged it out – parting seemed as difficult as it had years back. Who knows where life takes us, one of my best-friend’s Fatima Rizwan has moved to my hometown Toronto and Anum Baig – well the two of us are on a convincing route to get her here as well. The last few days, even though I love them so much, we had our misunderstandings because the three of us are very different from one another, but we past it sooner because we knew we were on a time crunch. It made me understand, only if we all realized that this LIFE IS SHORT, we don’t have all the time in the world; why spend time dwelling over things that will make us feel negative? Here, are 5 ways to stay positive – and if you guys have any other ways that bring smiles to your everyday, stressful lives, feel free to share below – maybe it could help me as well. 

  1. Affirmation – Start declaring to yourself that you are a positive person. I truly believe, if you can tell yourself something with all your heart and honesty, you will start living it. This does not mean be positive about something and then talk negatively about someone else at the same time. If you start thinking positively of yourself, you will start seeing the positive side of others! For some people, writing it down helps, write it down whats the best part of yourself, and start seeing it in yourself for others; if you can’t find that positivity in yourself, no-one else will be able to see it either.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people – This is something my husband and I truly stick too. We only mingle around with a set of close friends who we know make us laugh, sometimes we message them saying, we are in need of a laughing therapy, lets meet! Whether, its family, friends or co-workers, make sure to select who you want to be spending the most time around. Positive energy is contagious! Bring out the best version of yourself and spread it around!
  3. Learn to enjoy the little things in life – Everything doesn’t have to be out of the usual for you to enjoy it. Why do we tell ourselves, oh it was just a brunch, nothing big! Or, oh we just walked around downtown! I mean, I walked around with my friends in downtown and we laughed like mad people, and we were drumming with random people on the street. The little things in life can bring you happiness, if you let them.
  4. Stop comparing your life to someone else – You never have the same life as another, you really are not in the same stage of life as the other person ever, your means aren’t the same, your partner is not the same, and to begin with, your personality is not the same. If they deal with something in a certain way, look up to them, not compare your life to theres. Why do we only compare when the best is happening in another person’s life. None of us come and complain when the other is in trouble, or when they are sick. We never want that for ourselves, but as soon as we see them making a life for themselves in the best of ways, we wish it for ourselves. Your struggles aren’t the same, and neither will your rewards be. Embrace what you have been blessed with and positive thinking will come around. And when you’re positive about where you stand, maybe, someone else will be wishing to be in your shoes.
  5. Lastly, start thinking positively about others – Its the best way to be positive! Believing that not everyone around you is bad, or fake or a certain way really helps you being positive. I was once told in a self-enhancement class, what you believe about others, speaks a lot about your own personality. Think what kind of a person you want to be before you start judging others because you never know that might be your personality trait which you are seeing in another person.

To having a background in psychology and being an over-thinker by birth – here is to me sharing my observations, readings and experience.  



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Aumber Shah June 17, 2017 at 9:56 pm

Amazing post! Staying positive is all about mind over matter – we have to keep reminding ourselves to be positive. Sometimes, a negative thought creeps into my mind, but I make a conscious effort to replace it with something positive, and overtime you just learn to see the good in everything. Our surroundings have a huge impact on the way we see things. Even if you’re enjoying something, someone else’s negativity can make the entire experience sour for you. We don’t need people who always bring negativity into our lives. Cut them lose and surround yourself with the ones that help bring out the best in you.

Ilma June 27, 2017 at 12:07 pm

You are gorgeous and inspiring


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