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Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration and Gift Guide

written by Marina February 12, 2017





Theres officially two days away from Valentine’s Day! I think I’ve had had flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries on my mind all month long! As much as some people argue that Valentine’s is a made up holiday with no meaning, I believe its an excuse to celebrate your loved one, and whats the harm in that? For sure, everyday should be Valentines, and one should show their importance to their loved ones not only on an assigned day but the idea of making extra effort on a specific day excites me! And when I say loved ones, it can be your mother, your best-friend, or your precious partner. Whats a better way to celebrate all that love other than buying them something special. I’ve created a Valentine’s Day gift guide weather you’re 3 months into it; 6 months or in a ‘forever’ kind of a relationship.

I’ve got you covered here for a for a freezing Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration and a great Gift Guide to help with the endless possibilities to gift ‘her’ something special. 

Photography: Erin Leydon

Sweater Dress: Zara (similar) | Shoes: Burberry (designer similar | affordable similar) | Pearl Earrings: Dior | Emerald Ring: Effy 





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