written by Marina February 24, 2017

It’s Travel Tuesday today and I’m sharing my carry-on essentials for you. Here are my flight must-have: 

  1. Adidas – These adidas sneakers are a must have for me this year. I’m choosing to travel in these because they not only look chic for Instagram posts but they’re so easy to take on and off at airport checks. 
  2. Face Cream – Caudalie is a new face cream find for me and I am definitely adding this to my travel essential. I love the light packaging off it. You have to carry to carry rich face cream for your dehydrated skin on the plane.  
  3. Chanel Lip Balm – talk about luxury packed in a tiny pot for your super dried lips.
  4. Body Shop Hand Sanitizer – To be honest, I try to avoid toilets on the plane, its the easiest to carry hand sanitizers for quick cleaning after meals. 
  5. Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina – I can be without makeup and not feel conscious, but without lipstick gets tricky for me hence my favourite pink-nude liquid lipstick has to be in my carry-on. 
  6. Makeup Bag – We all have this in our daily bag – this one is such a cute find from Forever 21
  7. Iphone Charger – Being an Instagram addict, an iphone charger is a must have in your carry-on. 
  8. Headphones – Beats – these were a gift from my brother on my birthday – they’re such a life saver for the days I write for my blog at coffee shops. I feel like I can seclude myself from everyone around me. Well, same goes for when I am travelling. 
  9. Thick Scarf – If you know me, you know how cold I get, quite the opposite of my husband. I have to make sure I carry a thick scarf with me that I can layer on with my warm sweater. The layers keep coming.  
  10. Book – CAPTURE YOUR STYLE is one of my favourite reads. I read it last year but I am choosing to read it again with a different perspective for my Instagram this time. Im hoping it helps my blog and Instagram reach great heights as Aimee Song. Definitely all those interested in capturing beautiful Instagram photos should pick up this book. 

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