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written by Marina April 29, 2016

leather-jacket-club-monaco-sweater-knit-kylie-and-kendal-black-suede-ray-ban-aviators-basic-red-lips-casual-1Do you know what is better than a pair of perfectly fitted blue jeans accentuating your legs like they are meant to flaunted? Nothing. Nothing is better than finding the right pair of denim. This high-waisted pair from J. Crew is a hard to find, true blue.

Speaking of basics, black heels go a long way in telling the world you are effortlessly put-together. We would be here all day if I told you the lengths I had to go to, to find the perfect pair with just the right amount of pointedness. These gorgeous black suede shoes by Kylie and Kendall were definitely worth all the trouble! leather-jacket-club-monaco-sweater-knit-kylie-and-kendal-black-suede-ray-ban-aviators-basic-red-lips-casual-2leather-jacket-club-monaco-sweater-knit-kylie-and-kendal-black-suede-ray-ban-aviators-basic-red-lips-casual-3I love my leather. Don’t we all? But when wearing anything as structured as a leather jacket – like this one from Mendocino – you must tie it with a flowy/longer top inside. It draws the eye to the “whole you” and not just the top half. Club Monaco’s sweaters are quickly becoming a favourite of mine. Though quite basic on its own, it’s the perfect team player to this look. What are some of your favourite basics? Leave a comment and let me know!leather-jacket-club-monaco-sweater-knit-kylie-and-kendal-black-suede-ray-ban-aviators-basic-red-lips-casual-4leather-jacket-club-monaco-sweater-knit-kylie-and-kendal-black-suede-ray-ban-aviators-basic-red-lips-casual-6leather-jacket-club-monaco-sweater-knit-kylie-and-kendal-black-suede-ray-ban-aviators-basic-red-lips-casual-5

Keep it real beautiful!



Top: Club Monaco | Denim: J CREW | Jacket: Mendocino | Shoes: Kylie and Kendal | Bag: Tory Burch 


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